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Zoom Mayerling Dermal Transfer Vitamin C 15%
Zoom Mayerling Dermal Transfer Vitamin C 15%

Mayerling Dermal Transfer Vitamin C 15%

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A luxurious anti-ageing smooth serum to instantly brighten the skin, firm and reduce wrinkles, while providing intense dermal hydration.

The combination of 15% pure Vitamin C together with powerful antioxidant Lipochoman-6, botanical emollients and marine extracts improves the elasticity of the skin while fades discolouration and hyper-pigmentation.

Key Feature

The Perfect Anti-Ageing Serum. 15%pure Vitamin C, instantly brightens the skin, firms and reduces wrinkles.


How to Use

For use both morning and night. Smooth over cleansed skin each morning. Follow with your preferred moisturiser and SPF.

Best paired with Face Lotion Forte and Eye Cream.


Active Ingredients

➕ Granactive AA-20 


Aroleat Samphira

Superlift Lipophile


    Perfect for

    All skin types


    Skin Concern



    Granactive AA-20

    Vitamin C Dermal Transfer Matrix – a stabilised skin rejuvenation complex that combines micro-sized Vitamin C particles with a moisturising occlusive agent allowing significantly more Vitamin C to be transdermally absorbed.

    When Vitamin C penetrates the corneum, an anti-ageing effect is shown by continuous cell renewal and collagen production.

    Reduces and fades discoloration and hyperpigmentation of the skin such as age spots, freckles and sunspots whilst assisting in the skin brightening process.

    Delivers visible results as an anti-ageing function by reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, while dramatically improving skin elasticity, tone and texture for a more youthful appearance.



    A powerful anti-oxidant with long term stability designed to reduce effects of free radicals which result in premature skin ageing.

    Stimulates collagen production to improve skins tone & texture.

    Protects and repairs the skin against free radicals in tissues and protects skin from oxidative damage.


    Aroleat Samphira

    Marine origin – classified as ‘retinoid-like’ as it shows effects like retinoids.

    Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces secretion of sebum leaving skin smooth and soft by reducing cohesion of the corneal layer thus eliminating dead cells.


    Superlift Lipophile

    Botanical extract assists in firming, tightening and lifting skin whilst skin becomes smooth, radiant and wrinkles are less visible.



    Granactive AA-20, Lipochroman-6, Aroleat Samphira, Superlift Lipophile

    Mayerling Dermal Transfer Vitamin C 15%


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