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Lymphatic Drainage Massage - what are the benefits of it?

Our lymphatic system is responsible for moving excess waste through our bodies.

By having regular lymphatic massages you can speed up this process, boosting your immunity, reducing water retention and inflammation in the body.

Lymphatic massage is an often over looked as a treatment therapy, but once a client has experienced our lymphatic massage using Endermologie they feel the benefits from the very first session!

We often use our Endermologie for post surgery drainage as people hold excess fluids after surgery. We can help drain the fluid away as well as reducing the inflammation and pain often associated post surgery.

After surgery the lymphatic channels are disrupted and can take many months to reconnect. We recommend three lymphatic massage sessions a week for a month post surgery to have you feeling amazing again!  

You don't need to have surgery though to feel the benefits, this particular treatment is amazing for most of our clients!

However, there are certain contraindications that will exclude you from having Endermologie which are - 

  • Cancer in progression
  • Infection or skin rashes 
  • Disease with inflammatory eruption 
  • Anticoagulant Treatment 
  • Blood Disease 
  • Organ Transplant 
  • Kidney Failure 

Endermologie is a natural non invasive treatment, it is a painless but powerful mechanical stimulation of the cells.

Our therapists have been trained and certified in France by world leaders of Endermologie - LPG.

Contact us at for more information or call us on 54923172. 


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