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Endermologie Sunshine Coast - How long does Endermologie last for?

Endermologie is like having a gym membership, when you are using your gym membership, with consistency, you will become, fitter, stronger, faster - whatever the goal is you are working towards.

However, if you stop going to the gym usually you lose your fitness, strength and possibly gain weight from not moving your body. 

It is the same for Endermologie, consistency is key, however on an Endermologie cellulite treatment journey once you have reached your goals you are only required to maintain it by coming once or twice a month depending on the individual circumstances. 

If you stop being consistent with your cellulite reduction treatments or do not come in at least once a month for maintenance then yes your cellulite will come back. Nothing is ever a permanent fix, you must be willing to make the effort to maintain results. 

I tell every new client coming to us for a cellulite reduction treatment consultation the same thing - Endermologie is not a magic pill where you do nothing and it magically changes your body, if we had that pill I can assure you we would all be taking it and it would cost way more than a package of cellulite reduction sessions! 

I have turned clients away where I know the effort required from them is not achievable - the winning trio for Endermologie to work effectively is a balanced diet, daily exercise and Endermologie together! If this sounds like you, someone who wants follow a healthy lifestyle, move their bodies and eat good nutritious foods then Endermologie is for you!  

Endermologie is commonly known as a cellulite reduction treatment however most people do not know it has an amazing medical side too, we can treat burns, scars (new and old), lymphatic massage, lymphedema, pain, pre/post surgery preparation just to name a few. 

For all of your Endermologie needs please contact us at to book in for your complimentary consultation and be on your way to finding that body confidence again.

French trained and certified by LPG. 


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